Changes to Ophthalmic Service Regulations as PCTs transfer to NHSCB

No need for optometrists to routinely inform GPs after examining Pxs with diabetes or glaucoma

As Primary Ophthalmic Services (POS) pass from PCTs to the NHS Commissioning Board NHSCB), changes to the POS Regulations see the abolishment of the vestigial requirement optometrists and ophthalmic medical practitioners (OMPs) to routinely notify GPs after testing the sight of a patient with diabetes or glaucoma has now been abolished.

However, if there is a change to a patient’s clinical status which the GP should know about, practitioners should still refer the patient as normal. 

In effect, this now formally removes the now-redundant requirement to inform GPs as the eyecare landscape has changed and the vast majority of patients with diabetes are enrolled in a diabetic retinopathy screening service, while patients with glaucoma will be seen in secondary care, therefore their care is adequately provided for without routine notifications of sight tests unless there is something significant to report.

The second change under the same regulations, after a trial in the North West, is to add receipt of the incoming Universal Credit for entitlement to an NHS sight test and voucher towards the cost of spectacles and contact lenses. 

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