Jeremy Hunt’s optimism vs Norman Lamb’s pessimism/realism... 

Jeremy Hunt’s optimism vs Norman Lamb’s pessimism/realism... 

The Government has said that it has already increased NHS funding by about £5billion. The Tories have promised to protect funding for NHS but not committed to increases beyond inflation.

The head of NHS England Simon Stevens recently warned that an extra £8 billion a year will be needed by 2020.

Minister of State for Care and Support Norman Lamb: “NHS will 'crash' without emergency £1.5billion funding next month”.

Mr Lamb said: “The NHS could crash, this is the risk. If we don't get the additional resource, then you would see increasing numbers of trusts getting into financial difficulty, you would see growing numbers of people waiting longer for access to treatment, and longer waiting lists to get to see your GP.”

While we are on the subject of money, The National Audit Office have come out and said Financial risk is increasing in NHS trusts and foundation trusts. Those in severe financial difficulty continue to rely on cash support from the Department of Health."

This report finds that the financial position of the NHS has worsened since 2012-13, with growing financial stress in NHS trusts and foundation trusts. It notes that financial risk is increasing in NHS trusts and foundation trusts, and those in severe financial difficulties continue to rely on in-year cash support from the Department of Health. In 2013-14, over £0.5 billion extra money was issued to 21 NHS trusts and 10 foundation trusts to ensure that organisations in difficulty have the cash they need to pay staff and creditors.

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