NHS Commissioning Board - Clinical Senates

Plans for Clinical Senates published

Plans for 12 regional networks covering all of England, made up of clinical leaders from a range of clinical professions and charged with advising commissioners to get the best outcomes for their populations have been published.  They will be called ‘clinical senates’ and the idea fro them came from the "Future Forum" which was set up during the Government’s "listening period" for the Health Bill.  They can only advise Commissioners and it will be up to local areas to decide who is represented on them. They will look at the totality of healthcare (e.g. "What would be the impact of closing this hospital ?") rather than specific individual services or specialities.   It remains to be seen how influential they will be.  It is probably fair to say that the plans did not set too many pulses racing across the health sector. 

 For more information see: http://www.commissioningboard.nhs.uk/files/2013/01/way-forward-cs.pdf 

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