NHS England starts BIG CONVERSATION on future of the NHS and it's £60bn pounds shortfall.

NHS England, the body at the heart of the reformed NHS in England, is publishing a five year strategy later this year.  It is also flexing its new muscles, asserting its independence from the Department of Health and is bruised from a battering in the media after mid-Staffs and the curious departures in recent and coming months of its Chief Exec (David Nicholson), its number two and some of its directors. 

To lay the ground and share the blame for some bad news about the financial sustainability of the NHS (its needs to save £60bn by 2025, its spent £106bn this year), some inevitable new scandals, to build support for what will need to be some big changes if the NHS is to survive (“bold clinical changes” = hospital closures), and to try to save David Nicholson’s legacy, NHS England is trying to ‘start a conversation’ on the realities facing the health service and what to do about it. 

Those of you misfortunate enough to follow NHS chitter chatter will have heard it all before, but it’s not you they are after: http://www.england.nhs.uk/2013/07/11/call-to-action/


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