Pocklington for Professionals

Pocklington for Professionals - The Thomas Pocklington Trust

The Thomas Pocklington Trust has published a new guide “Homes and living spaces for people with sight loss: a guide for interior designers” to change the lives of people with sight loss and related sensory-impairments.

This guide the first in a series called 'Pocklington for Professionals' which will be published in the coming months, summarises key design principles and contains checklists for specific areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, stairs and living rooms. Pocklington commissioned the interior designer, Jaqui Smith (who, having lost the sight in her left eye, uses her experiences to produce eminently-usable advice). The guide includes advice on:

  1. How to use colour contrast to improve navigation
  2. Current regulations on the light reflectance value of surfaces and how lighting affects them
  3. How to use lighting to make the most of people's sight and avoid glare that can make it harder to see
  4. How to make design flexible, especially in community settings where people's individual needs are varied. 


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