For those who find a mind map too much, I have provided a text version below:

Strategic thinking - the generation and application of unique business insights and opportunities, to create competitive advantage for a Company or organisation

Professional Services - 25 years experience from Directing and Managing the PS function of several large National Companies

Promotion & Marketing of Clinical Diagnostic Technology - Validation & Integration of Innovation with the Clinician / Px interface 

Mentoring at Board & Senior Management level - Balancing Governance, Leadership, Accountability and Clinical Expertise with the need to make profit

Integration and Networking within the Optical Sector - Making use of extensive Industry & Professional  experience & contacts

Innovative thinking - Problem solving and process re-engineering

Promotion of "Clinical Excellence balanced with Commercial Success" - Balancing Health & Retail

Marketing to the Professional - Knowing what they want and need

Clinical Business Opportunities - e.g. establishing specialist clinics in Dry Eye and AMD

Development of the Professional - Clinical, Technical, Customer Service, Communication, Behavioural, Leadership

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